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Working on convertible roof tops and air conditioning

Presenters: Lawrence Ward, Mark Pendle, Keith Witherspoon and Keith Chaffe

Date: 6th August
Time: 10 AM BST
This webinar is perfect for those who are looking to improve or recap their knowledge of working on convertible roof tops and vehicle air conditioning over a range of automotive brands!
With the summer now in full swing, technicians will see a rise in requests for assistance on convertible roof tops and air conditioning in their workshops.
Our expert presenters, Lawrence Ward, Mark Pendle, Keith Witherspoon and Keith Chaffe, will discuss an array of topics in relation to working on convertible roof tops, including the common faults such as;
  • Failure of limit switches
  • Failed hydraulic pumps
  • Worn lift solenoids
  • Wiring faults
Our presenters will take you through the above faults, and more, as well as the recommended fixes on BMW and Peugeot.
Lawrence Ward will also delve into air conditioning systems across VAG brands and discuss the following topics
  • Diagnosing air conditioning faults across the whole VAG range from 2001 to present day
  • Understanding and interpreting air conditioning live data
  • Air conditioning repairs after diagnosis
  • VAG common air conditioning faults
This is an essential webinar for those technicians who see a variety of brands in their workshops, and who wish to learn/recap on those essential summer fixes.
Throughout the session, registrants will be able to ask our expert presenters questions and have them answered live.


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Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Webinar FAQs

I need to remove a component underneath the high voltage cabling, can this be done without powering the car down?

If any high voltage cabling needs to be removed or touched, then the vehicle must be powered down before work is commenced

Do I get a certificate from the IMI if I come on one of your Hybrid awareness courses?

Yes, you will receive a certificate upon completion of your course.

Will I need the safety equipment before Autologic will help me?

Safety equipment and a recognised IMI certificate will be required prior to any assistance from Autologic.

Can I send my apprentice on the hybrid level 3 course?

No, all attendees must have full recognised industry qualifications.

Can I attend the course and then train my technicians?

You can discuss what you have learnt, but the IMI certification is for the attendee of the course only.

Where can I purchase the safety equipment from?

Discounts are available through Autologic via an approved supplier. Please contact us to discuss.

Where can I access some useful links?


Please see below a list of useful links:

Health and Safety Executive (Professional Standards)
Electricity at Work Regulations 1989
IMI Campaigns for Change
Tesla explosion news broadcast
Autologic Training Courses
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Can you train us at our garage?

No, you will need to attend an IMI training centre.

Will Autologic take a group booking for one of your hybrid courses if I want to bring all of my technicians?


Yes, group bookings are fine. If you would like to arrange this, please get in touch with us.

Is there a practical test on the course you run?

Yes, there is. But you will be fully guided on all test aspects that you need to complete during the course.

Is there a test at the end of the course?

Yes, there is an IMI on-line test.

BMW Programming Webinar FAQs

Why not include from dead sector script to prevent from damage before starting any programming?


This is a very good question, and this is something we can put over to our development team.

2 must be under 20a would you mean above 20 amps?


Ideally the current input to the car needs to be less than 20 amps, this is so the charger is not working too hard. We want a low, stable input.

From what year do you call late m power?

F-series M-power cars like the F82/83 M3/M4 and the F90 M5 2014 – present.

Is there a charge for each car programmed?


No, your subscription includes programming if you have PRO software or a DrivePRO. DriveRAP does incur a charge for programming Volvo, Peugeot and Citroen vehicles.

Can you program second-hand control units?


There are some control units which can be re-used/coded.  You have to check in the initial report (E-series cars) or vehicle status report (F/G-series cars) and check for errors stating that a control unit is incompatible. Later F/G series cars are the biggest issue as most of the control units are chassis protected. EGS (mechatronics) on cars with the later GWS (fly by wire) gear lever cannot be fitted as a used part to another car, you will not be able to select Drive. Additionally, any control unit connected to the immobiliser system cannot be fitted as a used part.

Do you need pass-thru box for coding?


No, coding files can be installed directly from the Autologic device.

Where can I access some useful links?

Autologic Training Courses
Working on HEV vehicles?
To Register your quals/ID for Autologic support / Rescue Lens App
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Why not put an option to save the FSC from the old module first before fitting the new module?


This is a very good question, and this is something we will put over to our development team.

Why am I no longer available to code second-hand airbag control units using Blue Box?


This is fully dependant on control unit compatibility and whether or not the control unit in question is locked to a specific VIN. We have not added any blocks to prevent the coding of second-hand airbag control units.

Can BMW refuse you these codes?


They should not because the codes really belong to the customer/car owner. If you look at the BMW parts system, it states that the FSC codes should be supplied to the customer. The challenge is identifying and engaging with the correct person at the BMW dealership!.