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Mercedes Pass-Thru Support, one of the many service offerings from Autologic Assist, is designed to help you get up and running with Mercedes Pass-Thru.

Mercedes Pass-Thru Support is led by IT professionals who can guide you through the initial set up, a process which our customers have reported to be complex and time consuming. To ease this particular ‘pain point,’ your Pass-Thru set up advisor can remotely view your screen (LogMeIn) in order to monitor your progress and provide real-time guidance.

Once you have the Mercedes compatible hardware and software fully deployed, our Mercedes Pass-Thru experts are available to walk you through the various stages of the Mercedes XENTRY system, from initial engagement to final programming advice.

In addition, our Pass-Thru Support gives you the option of using either the self-help information provided on this page or selecting the initial set up support, and/or our comprehensive on-going Mercedes Pass-Thru Support.

Mercedes Pass-Thru Guide

  • Mercedes Pass-Thru coverage in Europe is from approximately 2010 onwards. It offers reprogramming for Euro 5 vehicles.

Please note that XENTRY Pass Thru EU may only be ordered by users whose location of business is within the European Union (EU). Users whose location of business is in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland (EFTA countries) are currently unable to acquire XENTRY Pass Thru EU.

Minimum requirements for Mercedes


Subscription Costs for Mercedes*

*All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT but are likely to be VAT exempt

The Autologic Assist Mercedes Pass-Thru Installation Guide is available HERE

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