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The AssistPlus diagnostic device/scanner uses innovative software to provide fast diagnosis for Volkswagen models from 1995 and onwards. The deep diagnostic capability available is complemented by a host of innovative features including a split-screen interface that allows users to clearly display two active applications at one time. For example, you could simultaneously view Volkswagen vehicle/auto diagnostics and AssistPortal, a feature that provides real-time access to dealer trained Master Technicians.

Key Highlights include

  • Guided Functions, from dash panel and ECU replacement through brake pad replacement, self-levelling suspension calibration to service light reset and dynamic commencement of injection
  • Descriptive coding menu - Autologic's ease of use helps users to quickly configure vehicles
  • Special functions enable additional vehicle features to be enabled
  • All systems and functions covered
  • Comprehensive service functions
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)
  • Live Data/Actuations
  • Data logging and graphing aids fault diagnosis 
  • Remote control enables our experts to take over the tool to help you with diagnosis or updates (additional charges may apply)
  • Easy access to your online technical resources

Coverage & Capability includes

Autologic Volkswagen covers vehicles from 1995 onwards

  • Up! Series
  • Lupo Series
  • Fox Series
  • Polo Series: 9N1, 9N3, 60, 61, 6R
  • Golf Series: 1J, 1K, 5M, 1K, 52, 5K, 51
  • Bora Series
  • Passat Series: 3B, 3C, 35, 36, A3
  • Scirocco Series
  • Tiguan Series
  • Ecos Series
  • Touran Series
  • Sharan Series: 7M, 7N
  • Touareg: 7L, 7P
  • Phaeton Series
  • Commercial Vehicles: 2K, 2C, 2E, 2F, 2H, 7E, 7F, 7H, 7J

For the full coverage details please see here