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The automotive industry's fastest, most complete diagnostic support service.

Diagnostics With The Experts

A complete service with advanced technology and expert, brand specific technical support.

Targeted resolution by our master techs

Fast response times - typically under 30 minutes

Direct chat support via AutologicMobile App

Supplied RMI data and wiring diagrams


Our mobile app for iOS & Android makes it easier to create and manage AutologicLive cases

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AutologicMobile is currently available for iOS & Android


At Your Fingertips

The AutologicLive mobile app offers a convenient and easy way for you to access the Autologic Diagnostic Support team from your iOS or Android device. AutologicLive collects details of a problematic car by scanning the VIN barcode and asking a few simple questions. It also uses some of the standard functions on your Smartphone, such as camera and flashlight, to provide additional benefits when you use AutologicLive.

Get Connected

Access to the Autologic team is now just one-touch away, all from your mobile device. Using the integrated VIN barcode scanner, you can capture the VIN, provide further detail of the vehicle and issues, and use your device's camera to capture and attach photos or videos to support the diagnosis, before submitting the case. The case will then be assessed by the relevant vehicle brand technician, who will contact you by your preferred method (call or email) to help resolve the problem.


Customer satisfaction with added efficiency and profitability

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Fix It Once with AutologicLive

To keep pace with new vehicle models and chassis, repair shops have acquired many different scan tools. Identifying root causes can take hours; even days. In recent research, we discovered that up to 25% of cars may never be diagnosed correctly. This situation creates unhappy customers and dramatically impacts workshop profitability. While tools help with diagnoses, they don't solve the bigger problem: how to fix the most cars in the shortest time for the maximum profit.

Start Saving Now

Save $15k a year with AutologicLive

AutologicLive increases workshop profitability and end-customer satisfaction. It's like having a dealer-trained technician in your workshop right when you need them. We help you get to the root cause of issue more efficiently than you ever thought possible, and way faster than tools alone.