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Webinar - Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (HEVs)

Unlocking the myths on HEVs


Date: 30th April 2019  Time: 10AM BST Presenters: Tony Gill, Damon Howes, Stephen Jones

New to working with Hybrid and Electric vehicles but don’t know what you need?

Want to speak to experts and fellow garage owners in an open forum space?

Want to brush up on current legislation?

Tired of not having all the info in one place or Googling the answers?

YES?? Then this is a must attend webinar for you!

We know how frustrating it can be for workshop owners and technicians to get all the information needed around this subject in one place. As someone working with HEVs it is important to ensure you are up to date with industry knowledge and practices when working on these types of vehicle.
This webinar is an essential platform to attend to ensure you are up to date within the industry, and that you have the know-how if you are looking to start working on these types of vehicles in your workshop.
In as little as 60 minutes, you will go away with knowledge on;
  • What is happening in the automotive industry today – including new legislation now, and what’s coming.
  • Types of qualifications available to you, and what they all mean!
  • Types of hybrid models available and new hybrid technologies emerging.
  • Basic HEV safety.
  • Common problems and hazards when working with HEVs.
  • Workshop PPE requirements.
  • Risk assessments and what they should look like.
  • Safe working practices and compliances.
  • Essential tool requirements.
  • Your next steps to making your workshop safe and compliant!
  • Support available to you!
Throughout, you will be guided with case studies, advice from your expert presenters, videos and group discussions.
There will be ample opportunity for you to ask questions to both your presenters and fellow webinar attendees throughout about anything HEV related!
Join this informative webinar for a complete overview of everything you need to know as a technician working on Hybrid and Electric vehicles in the automotive industry.
The webinar is open to everyone, and NO you do not need to be an Autologic customer to attend!
Watch out for the opportunity to grab some free gifts during the webinar!