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VAG - Technical Top Tip

Covers - Manual gearbox on start/stop models

Warning in instrument cluster of start/stop not possible.
Possible faults
Possible fault in Engine – P15A100 Neutral gear sensor implausible signal.
The neutral position collar moves or breaks off.


1. Using Autologic go to Engine Electronics and select Dynamic requests - common measuring groups – switches. Look for neutral position sensor, and read this data while moving the gear lever, it should change when a gear is selected. If it does not, or the value is changing all the time without moving the gear lever, go to the gear lever sensor itself.
2. Remove the neutral position sensor, and reconnect the connector. Whilst looking at live data place a metal object close to the sensor, this will simulate the pick up ring inside the gearbox, and the live data on Autologic then should indicate a neutral position. If the live data does not change, wiring checks would be required to determine the fault. If the value changes, go to step 3.
3. Look through the hole where the sensor fits, look for the sensor pick up ring - if you cant see through the hole, remove the selector shaft, and examine the gear neutral position sensor pick up ring, see picture. The ring can move or break off, and if this has happened the sensor will not see the gear selector position. If you find this has moved then you would need to replace the gear selector.

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