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Top Tip - VAG

Covers – Most petrol and diesel models 2014 onwards


Customer advises that the coolant temperature gauge is reading over 110 degrees.

Possible faults

Mapped coolant fault codes in engine control module, and poor cabin heater performance.


This later style of water pump has a ECU controlled collar that interrupts coolant flow to make the engine more thermally efficient.

To Test

Remove the coolant filler cap (ensure the engine is cool) and remove the small pipe to the coolant header tank and hold this over the filler neck of the header tank, there should be a small trickle with the engine idling, and this should increase in flow with a wide open throttle. If the flow rate does not increase, this would suggest either the control collar is seized, or the impeller has come away from the shaft.


Replace the defective coolant pump and vacuum bleed the cooling system, and run the procedure in the engine control module to bleed the cooling system.