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Top Tip - VAG

ABS, ESP Warning Lights – ABS Hardware/Firmware related issues


ABS, ESP Warning lamp illuminated on instrument cluster

Fault code

  • 1130 ABS implausible operation


Hardware/Firmware related issues in the ABS unit.



  1. Check the live data of all the input sensors
    • Wheel speed sender to be within 1 km/h of each other up to 20 km/ whilst driving in a straight line
    • ESP sensors to be 0 m/s (+/- 1.5) Yaw/Longitudinal/lateral
    • Steering angle sensor reading a plausible value
  2. If all sensors are reading correctly check and confirm the lives and earths to the ABS are present and correct. Once confirmed this would suggest and internal fault in the ABS unit.
    • Please make a note of the ABS coding before removing the old unit
    • After replacement, please code the unit with the original code and carry out basic setting using the “Control unit functions”