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Top Tip - Renault

Oil Pressure Fault

Covers -  Renault Clio 4 (2012 - 2017)


The check oil pressure’ warning light is showing on the instrument panel cluster.
Fault code:
  • DTC 156013 engine oil pressure regulation solenoid valve.


There is an oil pressure regulation valve internal electrical fault.


  1. Scan the engine ECU using a diagnostic tool and check for the above fault code.
  2. Check the oil level is correct.
  3. Carry out an oil pressure check, and compare results to latest manufacturer’s repair information.
  4. Disconnect the oil pressure regulation valve, and check the resistance across the 2 terminals on the valve
    • Resistance = 23.4 ohms at 25 degrees Celsius.
  5. Connect a 21 watt bulb across the wiring on the engine side and in engine ECU - activations activate “piloted oil pump”.
    • Ensure that the bulb glows brightly when the activation is run.
  6. If the pressure check, resistance check and activation test are all correct then consider replacement of the oil pressure   regulation valve (This comes separate to the oil pump).