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Technical Top Tip

Mercedes Vehicles (up to 2006)


Make/Model: Mercedes Vehicles (up to 2006)

Fault: ESP Unavailable’ message in the Multifunction Vehicle Display

In Mercedes Vehicles (up to 2006), vehicles often display an ‘ESP Unavailable’ message in the Multifunction Vehicle Display after not being used for a period of time, or due to a flat battery.

In this instance, Opus IVS Master Technicians suggest that you:

1. Start the engine.
2. Turn the steering wheel fully anti-clockwise and hold on full lock for 1 second.
3. Next, turn the steering wheel fully clockwise and hold on lock for 1 second.
4. Lastly, turn the steering wheel back to a central position (road wheels facing forward).
5. The ESP message should extinguish disappear.
6. Switch the engine off and remove the vehicle key.
7. Lock the vehicle and wait for 30 seconds for the Instrument Cluster to go to sleep.
8. Unlock the vehicle and start the engine.
9. No warning or error message for ESP unavailable should be displayed.
10. If a warning message is still displayed, check the vehicle battery condition and that the vehicle is charging.
11. Repeat steps 1 - 9 once the issue has been localised.

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