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Top Tip - Freelander

Freelander 2 steering column lock failure


Non-start / no crank / steering column locked message is displayed on the instrument cluster.


The steering column lock has failed.



  1. Edit the vehicle configuration option with Autologic.
  2. Go to steering column lock live data, if it reads undefined, edit the CCF to say lock fitted, then this change needs to be confirmed.
  3. If the vehicle still does not start, check the wiring. Remove the lower steering column cover to gain access to the steering column lock and the 4 pin connector.
  4. Check the wiring as follows:
    • Pin 2 green and orange wire. Should pulse 12v when the key is inserted into the starter control unit.
    • Pin 3 black and violet wire. Is ground.
    • Pin 4 grey and blue wire. Is the LIN communication wire and will normally have 7 to 10 volts when operating. Using an oscilloscope will confirm signals are being sent. 

        5. If all wiring is correct, fit a new steering column lock. (This will require coding with Autologic)