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Top Tip - Ford

Immobiliser lights and possible instrument cluster internal fault

Mk2 C-Max, MK2 Focus, MK7 Transit, MK2/3 Galaxy, MK6 Fiesta/Fusion


Vehicle is immobilised. Engine will not start, Immobiliser [PATS] light flashes on dash. [Either no crank/crank over but not fire/ run for approx. 20 seconds and cut out].


Possible instrument cluster [IPC] internal fault.
To diagnose you will need to know the IPC flash codes. Three codes must be compared and matched with each other. These are the key’s code, the IPC code and the PCM code.


  1. Turn ignition switch to position 2. If a valid key is present the PATS light will come on and go out. If there is an invalid key the PATS LED will flash for one minute at a frequency of 4 Hz or will be on solid. It will then flash an error code.
  2. This is a two digit code that can be read out by counting the flash signals. Each of the two numbers is displayed with a one second pause between them, after the second number has been displayed, there will be a pause of three seconds, then the error code is repeated. For example; a flash code of 22 will be 2 flashes, one second pause, followed by 2 flashes.
  3. Once you have the code you will need to cross reference it with these common codes below:
    • 11 Transceiver [transponder coil] not connected, or there is no power to it.
    • 12 Transceiver internal fault.
    • 13 No Key/no PATS key has been used to turn the ignition switch.
    • 14 Incomplete key code received.
    • 15 Invalid key code received.
    • 16 CAN communications error.
    • 21 Not enough keys programmed (minimum of 2 keys).
    • 22 Non-Volatile memory configuration error (initialisation or end of line configuration missing).
    • 23 Codes from the instrument cluster and powertrain control module (PCM) do not agree.