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Technical Top Tip

Opus IVS helps customer with a BMW F56 displaying a ‘Check Control/Oil Level Too High’ message

This week, the Opus IVS BMW team helped a customer diagnose and repair a BMW F56 that displayed a ‘Check Control/Oil Level Too High’ message. This was due to the DDE software.

Here are the steps our Master Technicians provided to solve the issue:

Make/Model: BMW F56

Models Affected By Fault: F10/11, F2x, F3x, F4x, F5x, F6x, G11/12, G3x
All with the B37K, B47O, B37, B37U, B47T, B47K, B47TU diesel engine.

Fault Code: 2C6C00 (Oil level too high)

Issue: Oil level too high

Cause: DDE software.

The Repair:
If a ‘Check Control/Oil Level Too High’ message is displayed, please proceed as follows:

1) Bring the engine up to operating temperature.
2) Open the oil filter and drain off the engine oil.
3) Fill up the engine with new oil.
    B47 = 5 litres
    B37= 4.4 litres.
    B37TU = 4.8 litres
*An oil filter change is not necessary unless it is near the change interval.
* IMPORTANT – do not reset the CBS data if not listed as due!
4) Carry out an oil level check.
5) Check the current I-level of the vehicle; - update the DDE if I-level is below 17-11-521.