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IVS 360 Team helps customer with contaminated coolant in a reservoir.

At Opus IVS we deliver beyond the scope of general scan tool diagnostic capabilities, with our IVS 360 Live Repair Guidance support service.
The IVS 360 team is made up of OEM brand-specific master technicians who deliver the specialist guidance to customers, who when require support, have instant access and dialogue to capabilities directly from their Opus IVS diagnostic devices.
Using the market leading diagnostic software from DrivePro, Autocom, Autoenginuity and extensive product knowledge, the IVS 360 team identifies the cause and steps needed to fix vehicle faults. IVS 360 provides technicians with the confidence to repair the most complex vehicles fast with live repair guidance.
Here is the latest case from the IVS 360 VAG team:
Makes & Models: Audi A3 (8V chassis) VW Golf (mk7) Seat Leon (5F chassis) Skoda Octavia (7N chassis)
  • Cabin heating not getting hot or producing intermittent heat.
  • Contaminated coolant in reservoir.
Dirt particles in the cooling circuit can cause the heat exchanger to block up.
  • Flush out the heat exchanger in the opposite direction to flow (max pressure of 2bar),
  • Flush out the cooling system with the cleaning kit G 052 525 A3 with the following procedure:
  • Drain the cooling system once the engine has reached operating temperature where the thermostat has opened.
  • Clean out the heat exchanger by removing both of the hoses on the bulkhead for the heat exchanger, blow air through the bottom of the 2 pipes (opposite direction to flow with Max 2 bar of air) to clear out the coolant. Re-fit back onto correct pipes.
  • Fill the coolant system with 3 litres of the cleaning fluid and coolant to the correct mixture ratio.
  • Run the engine for 90 minutes.
  • Drain the cleaning fluid out.
  • Fill the cooling system with 3 litres of the neutraliser and coolant to the correct mixture ratio.
  • Run the engine for 15 minutes.
  • Drain the neutralising fluid out.
  • Fill the cooling system with coolant to the correct mixture ratio.
  • Run the engine for 10 minutes.
  • Drain the coolant.
  • If the coolant reservoir has been heavily contaminated (bearing in mind the level sensor is in here) then replace it. (some tanks have a silica packet inside so if this is the case this will also need to be replaced with the correct one)
  • Fill the cooling system with coolant to the correct mixture and content.
Further repairs:
You may also need to carry out a full functionality test:
If there are still heating issues with the temperature, then the heat exchanger may need to be replaced.
Book times:
  • System flush and repair: 4.6 hours
  • Expansion tank replacement: 0.4 hours
  • Heat exchanger replacement: Depending on vehicle but between 1.9 – 2.9 hours

For more information about IVS 360 and how it can support your workshop CLICK HERE