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Software Updates

Software updates for Land Rover, CIP BMW, VAG and Mercedes-Benz


Functionality improvements include:

- CIP 3.88.0:

  • Updated to latest Programming and Coding files

- BMW 3.184.2:

Added new model G31 5 Series Touring:

  • Quick Test
  • Fault Read/Clear
  • Live Data
  • Activations
  • CBS Reset
  • CIP
  • Retrofits – allowing you to upgrade base specs to high spec!

- ‘Write Service History’ function to write service history to iDrive on F, G and I series

- Added DME8FF_R Engine service functions:

  • Reset Starter Lock
  • Automatic Start-Stop: Starter Exchange

- Added GSZFBHY1 Gearbox service functions:

  • Reset Learning Function for CAN Teach in, Rear Axle and Shift paddles

- Added KAFASG11 Camera-Based Driver Assist System service function:

  • KAFAS: Reset Calibration

Update for Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015-2016 and Discovery Sport 2017 Onwards

Improvements include:
- Added Service Functions for Discovery Sport 2015-2016 and Discovery Sport 2017 onwards CLICK HERE FOR FULL LIST
- Added Discovery 5 with DoIP communications to Blue Box (devices 8000>), and AssistPlus devices.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure that you use an Ethernet OBDII cable – BCO-2/BCO-22 once the update is installed on your device. Failure to use the correct cables will result in vehicle failures.
- Added Ingenium engine DEF routines for following vehicles with ‘N’ engine type:
  • Discovery Sport 2015-2016
  • Discovery Sport 2017 onwards
  • Range Rover Evoque 2016
  • Range Rover Evoque 2017
  • Range Rover Evoque Convertible 2016

VAG Version 3.122.0

VAG Version 3.122.0 and is now available on Blue Box, AssistPlus and DrivePRO.
Improvements include:
- Added Coolant Fill/Ventilate procedure for 5G #Golf 2013> with CLHA 1.6 TDI Engine.

Mercedes-Benz Version 3.187.15

Mercedes 3.187.15 is now available on Blue Box, AssistPlus and DrivePRO.
Improvements include:
- Updated C205 Service Reset:
  • Added Oil Quality selection on DrivePRO units
- Added ‘Move To The Assembly Position’ service function to C205 Electronic Stability Program (ESP205) and General Servicing menu