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Software Update - 5th April 2018

New Updates Released

We are pleased to announce that we have released an update for VAG, Mercedes and Jaguar.

Software Updates

This is our largest VAG release to date, marking the relaunch of the VAG software! Our unique software means even the most complex functions can be accessed with a single press of a button, giving you greater speed and accuracy when diagnosing VAG vehicles. We will be releasing more updates throughout 2018 to further enhance the capability of the VAG software.

VAG 3.107.0
The following updates have been added across all models

  • 6 million manufacturer fault codes
  • Brake Pad replacement function
  • Service reset function
  • Quick test functionality has been improved

Engine control unit functions added for

  • 1.2 petrol engines
  • 2.0 diesel engines
  • 1.6 diesel engines
  • 3.2 petrol engine

The following updates have been added across selected models

  • Brake Electronics functions
  • DSG Transmission functions
  • DPF regeneration function improved

Mercedes 3.178.0

  • More than 3,500 Dynamics have been added, along with Brake pad replacement and Manual service reset procedure

Jaguar 3.59.0

  • More than 5,000 Dynamics have been added


How to Install Software Updates
1. Ensure that you have Wi-Fi connection
2. Press Settings, Updates, Check for Updates
3. When prompted press Download Updates
4. Wait for the Download to complete
5. Press Restart
Blue Box
1. Go to, Login, Downloads
2. Access latest updates from AutoLink