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Mercedes-Benz 212 common fault

212 f32 fuse box design fault

Autologic has revealed the fix for a common problem affecting Mercedes 212, 207, 204 and 218 from production period 12/2011 to 03/2012.

A customer reported various symptoms affecting their Mercedes-Benz 212, including different warning lights on in the instrument cluster.

Symptoms can vary depending on the model range of the vehicle. The warning lights could come on, some models might have various broken functions including the wiper washers, and for some models it can even result in the engine not being able to start, or not allowing you to select a gear.

We have found that re-cycling the ignition may solve the issue temporarily, but there are a number of steps to follow to fix the fault.

GarageWire have featured a case study on the procedures Autologic follow to fix the common issue.

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Location of the F32 under the bonnet