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JAGUAR Technical Top Tip

Harness Trunk Inoperative.


Covers Jaguar XF (all Models)


A customer may report a concern that they are unable to enter the trunk, (key fob, boot button, in car button) and/or that the rear facing camera is inoperative.


Wires in link harness broken through.


  1. Strip the boot side trims, to access the boot lid hinge and wiring loom.
  2. Remove the hinge gaiter.
  3. Strip Boot lid trims to access looms.
  4. Feed in the replacement loom from the boot through the gaiter to the boot lid.
  5. Refit all of the trims and test the vehicle.
  6. Make sure you select the correct loom part number from the parts list with or without rear camera.


C2Z19874 Trunk Harness (camera fitted)
C2Z19873 Trunk Harness (no camera fitted)

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