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Hybrid & Electric Vehicles Training Requirements

Autologic’s new registration process supports the IMI’s policy to protect those working on HEVs

The Autologic Technical Support Centre is seeing an increasing number of requests related to the repair and maintenance of hybrid and electric vehicles (HEVs). Whilst the overall volume of requests is still low, the increasing frequency of support requests reflects the numbers of HEVs entering the aftermarket. Autologic are also aware that there is a lack of information and some confusion in the aftermarket relating to the maintenance and repair of HEVs.

The table below shows the rapid increase in new registrations of HEVs in the UK. As well as new vehicles, the used vehicle market is also experiencing a rise in HEV sales. Out of the 8 million used cars sold in 2018, over 100,000 were HEVs, indicating a 27% increase from 2017.
It is clear from the data that if independent garages are not seeing HEVs in their workshops today, then they will be in the near future.

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The increase in HEV numbers is being driven by the move away from diesel powered vehicles, and changes in UK government policy. In July 2018, the government announced their Road to Zero Strategy, which outlined how they plan to support the transition to zero emission road transport in the UK.
The Road to Zero policy paper included the following statement regarding the repair and maintenance of a growing HEV fleet – “We are reviewing whether current regulations are sufficient to protect mechanics working on electric and hybrid vehicles.  We are working with the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) to ensure the UK’s workforce of mechanics are well trained and have the skills they need to repair these vehicles safely.”

Autologic fully supports the IMI’s campaign to introduce licencing for technicians to carry out HEV repairs. Steve Nash, Chief Executive of the IMI states: “With the introduction of these new technologies we are emphatically moving away from the realms of the gifted amateur.  Only individuals with the appropriate training, qualifications and equipment can work safely on the high voltage systems of HEV’s.”

Tony Gill, Customer Support Manager at Autologic adds “By ensuring that technicians have attended relevant training courses, and achieved a level of competency, repairs on HEVs can be carried out more accurately, efficiently and safely which can only be beneficial to technicians, garage owners and car owners.”
Tony continues “Providing remote support is a core part of Autologics’ business. We recognise the risks associated with the high voltage systems on HEVs and have therefore put in place a process to ensure that we can deliver technical support safely and accurately. The first part of this process is to ensure that the technician we are providing support to has a good level of understanding and competency in HEV systems. This is achieved through a registrations process requiring the technician to provide evidence that they are qualified to an IMI level 2 standard, to carry out general repairs and maintenance, or, level 3 to be able to carry out repairs to the high voltage (HV) system.”
Another part of Autologic’s process is to utilise the Rescue Lens app. This app is available as a free download and enables Autologic’s OEM-Master Technicians to see what the customer sees by using their mobile phone. This enables an Autologic technician to visually check the vehicle is in a safe condition before delivering support.
To aid technicians obtaining the required qualifications, Autologic are making available a range of training options so that technicians can get the best qualification for their current requirements.
For customers that carry out general maintenance and repair, Autologic offers a level 2 IMI course which gives technicians the knowledge to make the HV system safe in order to carry routine servicing and repairs outside of the HV system.
For customers that carry out more complex diagnostics and repairs, Autologic can advise where technicians can attend a level 3 IMI course which provides training in diagnosing and replacing components within the HV system.
Autologic are committed to providing independent workshops and technicians with the information they need to make decisions that are right for their businesses now, and in the future.