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How to Release Convertible Top Latch During the Case of Sunroof Cable Failure in MINI Cooper R57 Models

Instructions on releasing a MINI Cooper R57 convertible top in cases of sunroof failure

In this video and article is the procedure for releasing the convertible top latch when the sunroof cable fails. This gives access to components for repair. This repair procedure is for MINI Cooper R57 Convertible models, model year 2008 - 2012.

Begin by lowering all the front and rear quarter windows completely

Working at the headliner, just behind the sunroof, pull off the trim panel and remove from vehicle

The trim panel has two fasteners at each side attaching it to the convertible top. When the sunroof fails, access to these fasteners is not possible.

When the trim panel is pulled away, it is breaking the fastener mounting points on the trim panel. The trim panel will have to be replaced

Once the ends are detached, pull the center of trim panel away to detach the trim panel clips

Next, the sunroof drive motor is removed

Begin by disconnecting the electrical connectors

Remove the three T27 Torx fasteners. Support the motor when removing

Remove drive motor from convertible top

Using a plastic prying tool, lever down to open the convertible top A-Pillar latches. If latches will not open, gently push sunroof back toward rear of vehicle until end stop is reached

With help from an assistant, push top toward rear of vehicle and lift out of A-Pillar latches

Working in the luggage compartment, remove access panel for convertible top hydraulic pump

Then remove the luggage compartment light

Using a 4mm Allen, loosen the emergency shut off valve on the hydraulic pump. Rotate counterclockwise about 360 degrees

With help from an assistant, manually lift and lower convertible top into stowed position

The top will move slowly as hydraulic fluid moves through the cylinders and lines. Once opened, the top bar can be serviced