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Land Rover, Defender 1999: Power-train Control Module Fault


North East 4 BY 4 LTD are a team of highly trained workshop technicians who specialise in Land Rover diagnostics and servicing, including part replacements and repairs. They also offer their repairs and garage services on Jaguar 4x4s, and stock premium tyre brands.


Owner, Ian Wright, and his team of 4x4 specialists are based in Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire. Amongst their wide range of services offered, Land Rover diagnostics services play a large part in their day to day workshop activities. This includes working on; ABS faults, alternator issues, engine problems, EPS and tracking control and more.

As a specialist garage, North East 4 BY 4 LTD use advanced equipment to ensure that their diagnostic services for fault finding to fault repair, are carried out as efficiently as possible, allowing them to provide customers with a cost effective and timely solution.


The North East 4 BY 4 LTD team use Autologic diagnostics tools and support services on a daily basis to perform diagnostics for their customers and have done so since 2005. Their latest issue arose with a 1999 Land Rover Defender, which arrived at their garage in an immobilised / non-runner state.

Using AutologicLive, Autologic’s support service, Ian contacted OEM-Trained Master Technician Duncan Jarvis for guidance on how to repair the fault.

Ian explained to Duncan that he wanted to check the low pressure on the fuel system, and asked Duncan to confirm whether the fuel block or fuel pump controlled the low pressure circuit.  Ian was seeing 4-bar on crank but only 11psi on the return, which he knew should be at least 2-bar.


To begin finding the appropriate repair, Duncan advised Ian to:

  • Trace the ignition supply because the ignition voltage was low.
  • Rule out crank sensor interference by bump or tow starting vehicle.
  • Advised to check the PCM, engine and injector harness for oil contamination.
  • Program a replacement PCM.
Following this advice and carrying out the relevant checks suggested by Duncan, Ian was able to identify that the Power-train Control Module (PCM) had damaged injectors due to an oil leak.

After replacing the damaged injectors, the vehicle showed no further faults and returned to normal function.
Using AutologicLive, Ian was able to access expert support and guidance to achieve this repair efficiently, saving him valuable time that he could use on other jobs that day.
The Car and Fault:
Land Rover, Defender 1999 PCM Fault                   

Master Technician:
Duncan Jarvis                                        

Diagnosis and Fix Time:
45 minutes                                       

Using AutologicLive, I was able to identify that the PCM had damaged injectors, caused by an oil leak. After fitting replacement injectors the PCM was OK. Thanks for all your help Duncan.

- Ian Wright. Owner, North East 4 BY 4 LTD