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Top Tip - BMW

Tyre Pressure Monitoring - system failure F series vehicles 03/2014 on (02VB)


Check Control message stating that the tyre pressure control (RDC) has failed.

Possible fault codes:

  • 48069E
  • 4806B8
  • 4806DA
  • 4806F0
  • 4806F4
  • 4809EB






Internal fault in the remote receiver unit (02VB & FBD3)


  1. Carry out a visual check of the wheel electronics/tyre valves, ensuring that there are no signs of damage. Also check that the correct valves are installed, (not the rubber type).
  2. If the visual check is OK, please replace the remote receiver. It is the same receiver as the one used for the remote central locking system.
  3. After replacing the receiver please check and correct the tyre pressures, then start the calibration process for the tyre pressure monitoring system.
  4. The calibration function requires the car to be driven at speeds greater than 20 Mph for a period of at least 10 minutes (continuous driving).
  5. The system calibration is successful when the wheels have turned green in the RDC menu in the i-drive, or a message in the radio control panel says “Tyre pressure monitoring active”.