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Top Tip - BMW

Top Tip - BMW X3 (F25) Window regulator retrofit


After fitting the window regulator repair kit, consisting of two front window regulators, and/or two rear window regulators, including multiplugs for the wiring loom, the windows work in reverse with the window switches.


A change in part manufacturer has resulted in a polarity change at the motor.


  1. After a window motor has been diagnosed as faulty, you have to fit a kit consisting of two front window regulators and motors, and/or, two rear window regulators/motors with new multi plugs (due to a change in manufacturer).
  2. After the repair you then need to code in a retrofit to change the coding inside the FRM (footwell module). This changes the polarity so that the windows will work correctly from the window switches.
  3. Set up the car correctly for a programming and coding session. Connect your Autologic device to the car and carry out a quick test. Then go in to CIP and check the vehicle status report to see if the FRM (footwell module), CAS (car access system), and JBE (junction box electronics) require an update. If so, create and send an order, then update those control units to the latest software level.
  4. After updating those control units, go back in to CIP and select ‘Retrofits’ >> ‘find replace front or rear window regulator’. Select ‘add’ and follow the on screen prompts to change the coding.