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Technical Case Study

Autologic supports customer with various Electrical Malfunctions on a Range Rover Evoque 2016 model year


Autologic's Jaguar/Land Rover Support Technician, Phil Gasper, advises a customer who reports various electrical and camera malfunctions on a Range Rover Evoque 2016.
Using Autologic diagnostic software and extensive product knowledge for Jaguar/Land Rover, Phil identifies the cause and steps needed to fix the problem.
When speaking to Phil, the customer explains the symptoms that the vehicle is presenting:


  • Various electric malfunctions - some entertainment buttons unusable
  • Camera system fault
  • AEB warnings
  • External temperature display comes on and off
  • Braking warning light (in regard to automatic braking system)

Fault codes

  • Various missing message faults
  • Various modules not communicating

Recommended fix

Phil recommended that a quick test is performed using his Autologic device so that he could physically check which faults were present throughout the vehicle.
Upon reviewing the details provided initially and from the Quick Test report, Phil recommended the following fixes to the customer:
  • Check rear view camera for water ingress
  • Check CJB and rear fuse box
  • Check all CAN voltages and resistances


Following Phil’s guidance, the customer reported back that they were able to identify that the camera was corrupting the CAN network.
After fitting the new part, all faults was fully cleared down via the Quick Clear function and the customer was able to move onto the next job.                                                           
Autologic supports thousands of technicians and workshop owners with OEM brand-specific diagnostic support.
From symptom driven advice through to complex repair guidance, Autologic provide the knowledge and expertise to get from fault diagnosis to successful repair in minimal time, reducing costs and downtime for today’s modern workshop.
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