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Data Update 1.0 is available now

Autologic has improved its process of new Product Development releases. From today all improvements and enhancements to software and data will be made available weekly, on completion of User Acceptance Testing. Our new business process, aligned with ISO 9001, has enabled a positive shift in software development methodology, driving faster benefits for customers and improving quality.

Data Update 1.0 contains over 50 updates across 8 marques consisting of:

  • BMW - 22
  • VAG - 8
  • Jaguar - 3
  • Land Rover - 4
  • Mercedes - 15
  • PSA - 2
  • Renault - 1
  • Volvo - 1

The full list of Data Updates available from today can be found HERE


Key highlights include:

Mini R56 engine stop/start initialisation added for variant MV1722. 

ECU Replacement function has been improved by becoming more robust and user friendly for both engine and instrument cluster variants. Service reset functions have also been added to later models.

New adaptation routines for teach in processes of selective catalytic reduction components. These processes enable us to reset and teach in new components that have been fitted to the SCR system.

Improved the configuration for the Side Object Detection module allowing us to code in new modules. 

Land Rover 
Improvement of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) regeneration routine allowing us to carry out forced regenerations and reset adaptions for the new Range Rover Sport. 

Standardised the look and layout on our devices of the additive ECU resetting menus (DPF and Exhaust Additive).

Improved the key and central locking aerial diagnostic checking function, allowing the routine to complete and informing the customer if there is a faulty aerial. 

Re-ordered the menus on our devices to prevent customers sending in vehicle scans without a request from the technical department. 

In future, Technical Updates will be released under the headings:

  • Software Updates – New functionality, improvements and enhancements that complement the features and attributes of Autologic diagnostic devices
  • Data Updates – The release of improvements and enhancements to the existing portfolio of vehicle models
  • Chassis Updates – The release of new, previously unavailable, chassis that complement the Autologic diagnostic portfolio

Autologic will release the following within the next month: 

  • An additional Data Update
  • A new Software update for the Assist Operating System 
  • A new chassis

Data Update 1.0 is available now

The full list of Data Updates available from today can be found HERE