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Technical Case Study - Jaguar X150

Autologic supports customers with a Jaguar X150 2007 chassis in a non-start state

Autologic’s OEM-Trained Master Technician, Mark Elliot, supports a customer with a non-functioning Jaguar X150 2007 chassis.

Using Autologic diagnostic software and extensive product knowledge for Jaguar/Land Rover, Mark identifies the cause and next steps needed to repair the fault.

Brand: Jaguar
Model: X150
Year:  2007
Autologic Technician: Mark Elliott
Channel of communication: Via Autologic Device
Symptoms: Non-start
Fault codes: B1B78-84, U0155-00, B112B-87, U0155-00, B1006-13, U0155-00, B1026-13, B108A-29, B1097-14, U0155-00, U3000-55, U3000-87, B1D79-13, U1A00-88, U3000-87, U3000-87
Initial information from the customer:
The customer sends Autologic a support request notification, which includes a Quick Test Report showing that there are 7 modules with faults, and 5 of which are non-responsive.
Customer advises Mark Elliot, OEM trained master technician, that the vehicle arrived at his workshop experiencing a rattle noise upon start-up.
He further explains that the dash had been taken out due to an AC Drain, and a new chain kit with vanos sprockets had been installed.
The customer clarifies that after the repairs had been carried out, the vehicle was in a non-start state and requires some guidance as to finding the cause, as well as further repairs that may be required.
Report – shows 7 modules with faults and 5 modules not responding:
  • Heating, ventilation & air conditioning control module
  • Instrument cluster control module
  • Central junction box/front smart junction box
  • Integrated control panel
  • Audio front control module
  • Cell-phone (Bluetooth) control module
  • Front control display interface module
Modules not communicating:
  • Tyre Pressure Monitor Module
  • Gearshift Module
  • Folding Top Control Module
  • Speed Control Module
  • Audio Amplifier Module
Recommended actions:
Mark Elliott advises the technician to firstly check the earth lead by the rocker cover, as this may have become loose due to the initial fix.

The customer reported back to Autologic that Mark was correct and that he found the earth lead loose on the rocker cover as advised.
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