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Autologic Software Update - 21st November 2017

JAG 3.56.00

We are pleased to announce that we have released a new Software Update for Jaguar. This update has improved the KEYS and KVM database which brings the file selection in line with the recently updated programming files for the Jaguar brand.

Software Update

This will allow customers to carry out KEYS and KVM related module replacement, coding and programming functions on the following models:
XF X250 2013
XJ X351 All model years
F-Type X152 All model years

This update is available for all in-contract Blue Box and AssistPlus Pro customers.

How to Install Software Updates

1. Ensure that you have Wi-Fi connection
2. Press Settings, Updates, Check for Updates
3. When prompted press Download Updates
4. Wait for the Download to complete
5. Press Restart
Blue Box
1. Go to, Login, Downloads
2. Access latest updates from AutoLink