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Autologic’s new webinar series offers the automotive industry expertise and thought leadership

on Hybrid and Electric Vehicle safe working practices

Autologic is set to kick off its first webinar series this month that aims to educate and promote awareness to technicians and workshop owners about safe working practices when working with Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.
With the first Autologic webinar set to go live on 30th April, the Autologic team aim to provide registrants in this first webinar with an informative overview of the HEV market, ultimately unlocking the myths around working on these types of vehicle for participants.

Lead presenters, Tony Gill, Customer Support Manager, Damon Howes, Technical Support Manager, and Stephen Jones, Support Technician, will take listeners through a key set of essential areas, including current legislation and qualifications technicians require, basic HEV safety, workshop PPE requirements, safe working practices and more!

Throughout, participants will be guided with discussion, case studies and videos, with ample time to speak and ask their presenters (and each other!) questions about anything to do with working on Hybrid and Electric vehicles.
As a leading diagnostic support provider in the automotive industry, Autologic understand the frustration that workshop owners and technicians go through to attain all the information required in order to implement safe working practices for HEVs in their workshops. Tony Gill comments; “By ensuring that technicians have achieved a level of competency and have the required knowledge, repairs on HEVs can be carried out more accurately, efficiently and safely, which can only be beneficial to technicians, garage owners and car owners.”
Tony continues: “Our aim is to promote processes and practices in the industry that ensure that those working with HEVs have the knowledge to work on HEVs safely. We highly support the essential work being carried out by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) who are looking to ensure that the UK’s automotive workforce are trained and have the skills needed to repair vehicles safely. Our new webinar aims to provide a basic overview of the HEV industry and what steps workshop owners, and technicians, need to take in order to become compliant, as well as to provide a platform for informative peer to peer discussion.”
Autologic’s webinarUnlocking the myths on HEVs’ is a crucial event to attend for those that want to ensure they are kept up to date within the industry, or for those looking to start working on HEVs in their workshops.
Autologic webinars are open to everyone and are FREE to attend.
Register for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (HEVs) Unlocking the myths on HEVs, 30th April, 10AM