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This month Autologic celebrates the 1st anniversary of Assist

This month Autologic celebrates the 1st anniversary of Assist, the world's first and only fully integrated diagnostic support system, combining the AssistPlus superior diagnostic device, with real-time access to a team of brand specific master technicians around the globe.

Autologic initially developed its proprietary master technician support concept several years ago, but the release of AssistPlus prompted the first, fully-integrated diagnostics support system of its kind. This fault-to-fix support function spans more than 100 dealer-trained technicians, operating from offices in the UK, US, Germany and Australia.

Autologic Assist addresses the ever-increasing complexity involved in diagnosing and repairing cars today, especially the challenges associated with complex European vehicles. By integrating expert knowledge and service, innovative software and the multifaceted AssistPlus device, Autologic Assist helps ensure that vehicle faults are not just identified, but fixed!

Jeremy Fry, Autologic CEO explained, "It's a dual anniversary. I joined the company just as our revolutionary AssistPlus was launched. In the past year, we have seen many milestones, including the addition of eight new chassis to the device, improvement to the user interface based on customer requests and the provision of more than 200 data updates. With its Wi-Fi connectivity and integration into our Fault to Fix CRM platform, AssistPlus affords customers faster access to our unparalleled technical support teams. Probably the best evidence can be seen when our technical sales teams demo the device in a workshop and end up actually fixing a problematic car right then and there. It happened last week in Australia and yes, the guy is now a customer!

Our industry is evolving at a rapid pace, and we are working at the same speed to further enhance our distinctive service offerings, such as the recently launched complementary AssistMobile App, with more exciting announcements coming soon. We are about to present our 2000th AssistPlus unit to a lucky customer, which is a major achievement and yet another Autologic milestone to celebrate."

In the past 12 months, Autologic Assist has:

  • Received more than 300,000 submitted cases from customers

  • Received over 50,000 cases displaying fault codes from AssistPlus

  • Identified over 15,000 individual fault codes

  • Fixed over 1,200 different vehicle models

  • Fixed 97.5% of all cases submitted