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Diagnostics With The Experts

Supporting thousands of technicians and workshop owners with OEM brand-specific diagnostic support.

From symptom driven advice through to complex repair guidance, Autologic provide the knowledge and expertise to get from fault diagnosis to successful repair in minimal time, reducing costs and downtime for today’s modern workshop.
Read how Autologic customers benefit from our diagnostic supoport.

Envis Autos

"I recently contacted Autologic and spoke to Mickey Syrota an OEM-trained master technician. I explained that I had a Mercedes S Class 2001 with a malfunctioning starter motor. Mickey took me through some checks, one of which was to check for oil in the ETC module. Thanks to Mickey's guidance, I found that the ECU was heavily contaminated with oil. Mickey's advice was spot on!" Vinny, Envis Autos

Martin Pilley Services

"Speaking with David Phillips at Autologic, I advised that a Volvo V60 I was working on had a fault light on with an EGR fault logged, but had no noticeable driving issues present. David took me through some step-by-step checks to diagnose and repair the fault. One check was to review the lower boost pressure sensor, which was indeed where the problem was. David's guidance was incredibly helpful and resolved the driving fault quickly so that I could get on with my next job. For me AutologicLive provides me with essential diagnostic support that enables me to work more efficiently" Richard Perriman, Martin Pilley Services


"I recently had a customer's Volkswagen in the workshop - it was loosing comms with the engine. I spoke to Laurence Ward via AutologicLive who took me through some step-by-step checks to help me identify that I had a corrupt ECU that needed replacing. Using Autologic Live and Lawrence's expert guidance, I was able to fix this fault quickly and get the car back to my customer in good time" Ian Sutton, Auditechnik

Big Motoring World

"I recently had a Peugeot 308 that was brought into the workshop with a non-functioning rear wiper that would only work when the rear boot lid release button was pressed. After replacing the boot catch, the fault was still present. I decided to utilise AutologicLive, Autologic’s diagnostic support service, and spoke to Mark Pendle an OEM-trained master technician. Mark advised that I check the bolted earth behind the n/s/r lamp. Mark was spot on and I was able to diagnose that there was indeed a loose earth behind the n/s/r lamp. Diagnosing this quickly enabled me to move on to the next job of the day much quicker!" Andrew, Big Motoring World

J & A Murphy

“I recently called Autologic to help guide me on an electrical fault with a Renault. Their OEM-trained master technician, Stephen Jones, guided me efficiently on how to resolve the issue quickly. Stephen’s guidance was spot on, and he found a corroded wire which was causing all the issues. Autologic’s support enabled me to fix the car quickly, saving me lots of time and money”. Ian, J & A Murphy