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The automotive world is transforming. The rapid pace of technological change, and the increasingly complex challenges that come with it, mean that successful workshops need ever-more sophisticated technical support.

Autologic offers a complete solution: Industry-leading diagnostics equipment together with expert guidance and service. It’s a unique combination that enables you to tackle every job with greater confidence, efficiency and profitability.


Diagnostic Intelligence

DrivePRO is a multi-function diagnostics platform that combines Autologic's diagnostic software and Remote Assist Programming (RAP®) with expert technical support from our OEM-trained master technicians.

DrivePRO provides outstanding usability and effectiveness, with market-leading functionality, vehicle coverage and technical detail. Driven by our unique software, it means faster and more accurate fault resolution.

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Problem Solve with Master Technicians

Our diagnostic support service, AutologicLive, is fully integrated with the DrivePRO. Gain access to more than 100 OEM-trained Master Technicians at the push of a button! Our team of diagnostic experts are available to provide diagnostic advice, fault code information or step-by-step guidance in real-time, talking you through even the most complex or even obscure repairs to successful completion.

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Autologic has been a world leader in workshop technology since 2000. Our goal is to enable customers to handle more vehicle repairs, more efficiently and profitably. We continuously invest in our software, systems and technical support to ensure that we always offer the most advanced solution – taking you all the way from accurate fault diagnosis, through to successful repair with minimum fuss and maximum speed.

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